Friday, March 27, 2015

What's In My CSA Share?: Spring Week 4

Contents of Spring Share, Week 4:

1 bag baby tatsoi
1 head romaine
1 bag mixed baby greens
8 apples, assorted variety
1 bag red potatoes
1 bag carrots
1 bunch cilantro

Sorry for skipping last weeks update. I've been consumed by the job hunt, with two interviews last week, and three this upcoming week. Not to mention a sea of applications. For those interested, last week was similar to this. It included:

1 bag baby tatsoi
1 bag spicy baby greens
1 bag mixed baby greens
5 apples
1 bag gold potatoes
1 bags carrot
1 bag watermelon radishes
1 bunch rosemary

I haven't been keeping up with my weekly bee updates since bee school ended. I don't have my bees yet, so there isn't much to tell. However, the class is meeting up again next week to open up some hives at the instructor's apiary. Then I will be acquiring my hive and bees in April. Expect weekly/biweekly updates starting next month.

Here's a fun little video from ASAPScience to tide you over.

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