Thursday, February 5, 2015

Seeds Have Arrived!

The seeds I ordered for Seed Savers Exchange arrived in the mail! I won't be able to start seeds for at least another month, but I wanted to share what I'll be growing. From left to right, top to bottom:

Sweet Chocolate (Pepper)
Purple Beauty (Pepper)
Stupice (Tomatoes)
Thai Basil (Herb)
Tall Utah (Celery)
Petit Gris de Rennes (Melon, Cantaloupe)
Summer Savory (Herb)
Moonflower (Flower)
Historic Pansies Mix (Edible Flowers)
Titan (Sunflower)
Four O'Clock (Flower)

Follow the links to read more about each plant. My favorite part about ordering from the seed catalogue is reading the cute anecdotes that go along with some of the plants. I especially enjoyed True Red Cranberry's story. Many of the varieties I chose are recommended for short seasons/northern climates, but I've never tried growing any of them before. 

 You'll probably notice I have three types of bell pepper. They're one of my favorite vegetables. Ordering that few took quite a bit of restraint on my part . . . There were six pages of peppers to choose from!

I've already started thinking about how I'll fit everything. I may be getting ahead of myself considering Boston just had it's snowiest 10-day period on record . . . but when the time comes to garden, I'll be ready!

Anyone else considering growing something new this spring?

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