Monday, January 7, 2013

Manicure Monday: Havana Dreams

This is the first in a weekly installment I'm trying out called "Manicure Mondays". Each Monday I'll be posting a picture of what I'm wearing on my nails, because I enjoy occasionally talking about shallow girly things. Also, I have two drawers overflowing with colors to share with you! Nail polish is my one true vice.

This week's color is one of my favorites- Havana Dreams from Sephora by OPI.

This is a very light true blue. It reminds me of Easter eggs and springtime! To get this opacity I need to use three coats, minimum.

I love the colors from Sephora by OPI, but one thing I've noticed about their polishes is that they thicken very quickly. All polish will thicken over time, but Sephora's seems to do so  noticeably quicker than other formulas. Because of that, I now have to be very careful about applying this polish to avoid streaks. Regardless, the color is beautiful enough that I will continue to be patient while applying, and most likely purchase another when I run out.

Weekly Nail Tip: To make a manicure last longer, apply a clear top coat every other day.

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